Saturday, August 22, 2009

(languages of language)

So in a place faraway where my body had ceased to be my own, I found my own voice.
It its such a relief to go far away, beyond the borders of what reality commonly is, just to know that you can come back.

A trip is the perfect excuse to come home again.

Waking up every morning I know I am waking up with a different person "Hallo" I say, and ask, with a blink and a smile, or maybe a groan and a breath, who it is that is waking up that morning with me. Who am I really?
A friend once told me that she liked me because I was in constant search, I was always trying to get to know myself better. "But of course, I replied... obviously..."
I wake up with a stranger each morning and I only have a couple of hours to figure out who that stranger is.

A country with another language has taught me, has pushed me to find my own. Words.
Stuck. so many are stuck in their own lives, craving to be free. They are free, so they say in whispers in my ears while the music is blasting away and I see tango dancing all around, they are free and they cannot be trapped ever again.

I see movement and I see words. My own.


Jorge said...

Tenga usted buena estancia Miss K


marcos freitas said...

i'm so glad to 'find' you again
y me encanta saber que estas bien!
i love the way you think and...
the way you express it in ...words

though i'd love to know you better
i wish you to keep moving on...
just the way you are! ...constantly changing hehehe


(( ))

( un paréntesis es un momento para respirar ) ( un paréntesis es un silencio para soñar ) ( un paréntesis es un espacio para estar )