Saturday, October 27, 2012


Once it used to be dancing around
            With them.
Oscilatting, holding hands and spinning      
            Around and around    
The velocity of creation, drunken dizziness.

Now I tippy toe around them,
Afraid they will scare off
Scared they are afraid of me, now.
More often than not, I cannot find them.
Words hide. From me, they lie low.
A tall pink alabaster wall, impossible to climb.
Concealed behind their definitions.
            Refusing to get used, by me.
I miss turning around and seeing them there, just sitting, maybe with a cigarette or a lollypop, willing time away, waiting,      
                        For me.

We used to have fun together, words and I.

It was my sickness, it was my disease, it was my pain which drove them away.
It was my pain which eclipsed them, away.
Now, apprehensive that their self esteem will be subdued by my physicality,
            They prefer not to engage. With me

(( ))

( un paréntesis es un momento para respirar ) ( un paréntesis es un silencio para soñar ) ( un paréntesis es un espacio para estar )